Tanza presents Tailored Performance, an introduction into the house’s first capsule of timeless elegance. Drawing on traditional menswear tailoring utilising advanced technical fabrics, our garments reimagine and reinvent the concept of Activewear.

“When we started the collection, our intention was to redefine activewear, by fusing timeless design with efficient elegance. With our first capsule we wanted to perfect one look that would serve as the first phase in our mission to strive for garment excellence. Our garments have that ability to adapt to your needs from style to performance, with sleek silhouettes that meet the performance expectations of the most demanding athletes. This means a collection of contemporary garments that have the technical capabilities of enhancing daily performance whilst minimising distraction.”
Says Nick Cueto of Tanza.


Tailored performance defines Tanza design; it features signature shapes that offer the wearer a profound wrap-around experience with silhouettes following the contours of the body. When in motion and engaged in activity, the all-embracing garment is comfortable to wear, minimising distraction and enhancing performance.

“For this first capsule, we wanted to focus on the three pillars of design – fabric, detail and silhouette. The fabric is the heart and centre of our garments and to achieve our design aims we have been uncompromising in fabric selection. We decided to partner with one of the best fabric mills in Europe, based in France. A big issue in the industry is garment waste with “throw away” clothes often ending-up in landfill. To address this problem, we wanted to create a collection that would last the test of time and that would still look elite even after regular wearing and multiple washing cycles.”
Says Daniel Marchand of Tanza.

“A major issue our industry faces are the working conditions and lack of product suistanability in the manufacturing process. We did not just want to make pious statements about anti-slavery or workers rights. Thus we follow-through with meaningful action because our commitment to excellence, in our view, cannot be at the expense of anybody – human or environmental . All our garments are therefore ethically crafted in Portugal, to the highest welfare standards. For Tanza, quality is absolutely everything. This is what makes us, as a company, and our garments, a true product of the modern age.”
Says Simone Botter of Tanza.

The capsule is the first phase of garments in the Tanza Wardrobe, providing the essentials for the active lifestyle that are ready to wear and adapt from style to performance.
This is Activewear redefined.